Learning how to meditate can be overwhelming. When you know the basics it seems easy enough – sit down, breathe and think about nothing. Simple enough right? Wrong! Even though the basics sound easy, they’re often difficult for a beginner to learn how to implement. Resulting in frustration, a feeling they’re doing it wrong and perhaps leading them to quit all together. This is where guided meditations for beginners can help.

If you’re like most beginners you might have a ton of questions. Like where to start? How long should you meditate for? What should you do while meditating? What should you think about? What’s the right way to sit and breathe? And of course the “Why does being peaceful feel so darn uncomfortable?” question.

If you have questions, don’t worry you are not alone, this is a normal part of the process.

Guided-Meditations-For-Beginners-3Is There A Right Way Or Wrong Way To Meditate?

Many people just starting out feel uncomfortable or awkward. Manage your expectations of meditating properly. Don’t expect to be perfect or think that there’s a right way or wrong way to meditate.

Ultimately, the goal of the practice is to let go and just be.

Meditation isn’t about “doing” or “achieving”, it’s about “being” and “observing.” It’s the here and now. Helping you to return to a natural way of being present and enjoying life’s simple moments.

How To Start A Guided Meditation For Beginners

Many meditators find it much easier to get started by way of using a guided meditation. Finding that it helps takes the stress (1) out of where to begin with easy to follow steps.

By walking you through the process, step by step, it eases the path by giving the beginner mind something to focus on and “hook” in to. Able to let go of the “monkey mind” chatter, and sinking into a state of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Besides being easy to follow, guided meditations are easy to find. You can find them in a wide range of formats including videos, audios, apps and even meditation classes as well as paid and free options.  Some have specific purposes, like better sleep (2), chakra balancing, healing, visualizations, body scan, manifesting, building compassion, and anxiety and stress relief.

Another plus? With the wide range and availability of different types you can easily experiment until you find the one that work best for you.

guided-meditation-begginers-room-minGetting Started In Your Guided Meditation Practice

1. Set An Intention

Beginning your new guided meditation practice is simple – just be willing to be on the path and experience something new. Before starting it can be helpful to set the tone for your new desire by setting an intention.

Create one that works for you or use something like: “I intend that I have more peace and presence in my life. I am willing to open to a meditation practice and I welcome this new path into my life.”

“I intend that I have more peace and presence in my life. I am willing to open to a meditation practice and I welcome this new path into my life.”

2. Create A Meditation Space

This is not a must, but a nice to have. Even if you’re just getting started consider creating a special space free of noise and distractions for your new practice.

You can make it as cozy or as minimalist as you want to. Gather items that inspire and calm you. Such as candles, crystals, like amethyst or selenite are both excellent for meditation, mala beads, a himalayan salt lamp, small fountain, essential oils and of course plants.

Using a meditation cushion set is also ideal to help beginner meditators sit in comfort, and you can set them up anywhere. Even if space is tight.

Read how to choose a good one here:  The 7 Best (and ultra comfortable) meditation cushion sets.

3. Consider Listening With Headphones

If you’re listening to a guided meditation, then outside noises or distractions are the last thing you need. If you’re at all sensitive to a noisy environment then we highly recommend using headphones.

We go into detail with our recommendations for meditating with headphones in our article here. For quick reference, our top pick for noise cancelling headphones by Bose is on amazon here.

4. Make Meditation A Daily Routine

Creating a daily routine is one of the best ways to make sure that your meditation practice becomes a habit. You can decide if you prefer to meditate a night, a work during the day or in the morning.  Many people like to meditate first thing in the morning and then again before bed.

One nice thing about guided meditations, is that they can be done at any time. Although there are significant benefits to creating a meditation practice in the morning. Find out more about the inspiring benefits of a morning practice in our article here. For list of amazing guided morning meditations that are also suitable for beginners check out our list of the 10 best here.

12 Easy Guided Meditations For Beginners

1. Guided Meditation For Beginners

Good for: Beginners and anyone who wants to tune into being present and peaceful.

This is a short breathing meditation and is great for beginners at just under 6 minutes long. If you’re just starting out sometimes its much easier to do a short meditation and build from there. Focusing on the breath is a powerful practice even if its just for 6 minutes at a time. Use this meditation to calm the nervous system and balance and restore your body anytime that you need it.

2. Guided Meditation For Blissful Deep Relaxation

Good for: Anyone that wants to achieve deeply blissful relaxation.

The honest guys guided meditations are some of my favourites. They’re expertly written and delivered in a voice that is instantly calming.  Whether you’re feeling stressed and tense or if you need at bit of help going to sleep. This guided meditation can help any beginner reach a deep state of blissful relaxation.

3. Easy Guided Meditation For Beginners – Learn How To Meditate

This is a relaxing guided meditation for beginners from Boho Beautiful.  Become deeply bliss out as you’re guided to simply being present in stillness and peace. Find a comfortable seated position, connect with the moment in this peaceful and soothing meditation..

4. Powerful 15 Min Guided Meditation For Stress & Anxiety

Good For: Deep relaxation and healing stress and anxiety.

This is one of the most beautiful guided meditations for beginners to listen to if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Allow this video from Boho Beautiful Yoga to guide you into a state of peace. Try this 15 minute meditation if you want to feel deeply relaxed and release any excess anxious energy.

5. Meditate In Twelve Minutes (Guided Meditation for Mindfulness )

Good for: Meditators that want to experience calmness and zen through mindfulness practice.

Michael Sealy, is certified in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia, and creates meditation videos that will lull you into a deep state of zen. This video was created to teach you how to easily meditate using the practice mindfulness and gently focused inner observation. Use this guided meditation any time you want to reinforce  positive intentions, calmness, and mindful detachment from over-thinking or excessive emotional reactivity.

6. Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Beginners Body Scan

Good for: A beginner that would like to try a body scan mindfulness meditation in complete calm.

This guided meditation is unique on our list, as it does not contain music. Just the sound of Jon’s voice gently guiding you through the process and allowing  you all the space you need to gently ease into the next phase. As you go deeper, simply observing your breath and your thoughts. No need to push anything away or control any thoughts or feelings that may arise. Just simple presence and peace in your mind and body.

7. Getting Started With Basic Guided Meditation For Focus + Balance 

Good for: Reducing stress, simplifying the process and creating balance in your life.

This is Day 1 in the Free Meditation Challenge offered by Do You Yoga. I have included this video as the meditation teacher Faith does an extraordinary job teaching the process of finding your zen. At less than 10 minutes each, these guided lessons are perfect for beginners. Use this simple practice to reduce stress, and add clarity and focus to every aspect of your life.  If you want to check out all 30 days of the challenge visit the Do You Yoga youtube channel here.

8. Beginners Guided Meditation For Self Love, Happiness & Visualization

Good for: Beginner meditators that want to experience the love and happiness within.

This guided meditation from Michael Sealy is ultra soothing and aims to shift your awareness to connect with your deepest emotions.  Did you now that a meditation practice can increase your levels of feel-good chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin? Studies have also shown it can significantly increase your capacity for an overall sense of happiness and peace. Use this 20 minute guided journey to become calm, entered and find your happiness within.

9. Grounding Meditation For Beginners & Returning Meditation Users

Basic Meditation Good for: Beginners who want to have a deep, peaceful nights sleep and wake up energized and refreshed.

This guided meditation is ideal for beginners who would like to make meditation part of their night time routine. One of the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness is that it can help you let go of those racing thoughts that keep you up at night. When practiced as part of your sleep routine it can help to give you a sense of serenity and peace of mind as you drift off to sleep. 

10. Guided Sleep Meditation For Healing, Chakra Alignment & Balance

Good for: Meditators who want to have a good nights sleep and wake up feeling more grounded and balanced.

In this beautiful and soothing spoken word, guided meditation, Jason Stephenson gently walks you through the process of balancing your chakras. You will be guided to focus on each chakra and release what no longer serves you. Try this 30 minute guided meditation to restore, cleanse and heal your natural flow and wake up refreshed, grounded and energized.

Finding The Time To Meditate

It’s a myth that you have to sit in meditation for 20 minutes or more to get the benefits of practicing (3). It’s ok to start small.

Just start where you are, practice consistency and add on time from there.

If you only have 1 minute or 3 minutes in a day, then these two guided meditations below are the perfect answer to support you on your path.

11. 1 Minute Guided Meditation For Mindfulness 

Good for: When you don’t have time to meditate or struggle with getting started.

If you just  spend one minute a day in stillness , you can change your life. Take this one minute to connect with your breath. Feel yourself breathing in and breathing out.

Let your mind fall silent, let all your worries slip away and come back to harmony. Knowing that you’re safe, accepted, forgiven and loved.

Simple Breath 1 Minute Mindful Meditation Exercise

Follow this simple breathing technique to instantly calm your energy:

  • Breathe in for 5 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 5 seconds
  • Release for 5 seconds
  • Hold for 5 seconds

12. Deepak Chopra’s 3 Minute Meditation For Focus

Good for: Beginners who want more Clarity, Presence and Mental Focus.

Deepak Chopra (4) is a physician, spiritual educator and author of “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters,”  available on Amazon Here.  (We love this book and is on our list as one of the 50 Best spiritual books of all time). In this short 3 minute meditation Deepak gently guides you to clear away any mental clutter so you can focus peacefully on what lies ahead.

At the end of the day….

No matter where you are on your journey, just know that as long as you have started, you are on the right path. From there consistently is the key to building your practice.

We hope you check out all 12 of our guided meditations for beginners and find the one works best for you. Even if you don’t feel like you are getting it quite yet, remember there is no right or wrong, only what is in this moment. Honour yourself for just starting where you are. Namaste!

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