If there was one thing that I always get asked by women, it’s  “Where can I go to meet single men that are in their 30’s or 40’s?”

These days we all know what that going online is a great way to meet men, but where else can a girl find a good man?  Today we’re giving you 33 places of the best places to find your man.

A few quick tips before you had out the door:
1.  Be Mindful Of Intention

Set yourself up for success before you even leave the house by setting an intention to focus on the positive.

This maybe a huge shift if you’re used to complaining that there are no good men anywhere. As you become more positive and proactive you’ll start to notice that there are attractive men every where you go.

2. Best Foot Forward

Find out what makes you feel great, vibrant, pulled together or sexy and dress the part.

No, you do not have to be out in a dress and high heels if that isn’t your thing!

Just make sure that you are leaving the house looking as good as you feel. Sometimes it works the opposite,  and putting a little bit of effort into your appearance can actually be a great mood booster!

When you’re confident in your appearance it gives you the confidence to flirt with that cute guy over wanting to hide because you’re in your old stretched out yoga pants and ponytail. No regrets!

3. Be Approachable

Men need strong clues that you are interested and are much more likely to approach you if you are approachable.

Its really just a matter of putting away the smart phone, making eye contact and smiling.

Without further ado, here’s your list of 33 places to meet your man:
places-to-meet-men_airport_sma1. An Airport Lounge or Waiting Area

I’ve know a few couples who have met this way and even on the plane its self!

The perfect place to strike up a conversation, and make a few new connections, just put away the computer and the smart phone first.

2. The Driving Range

You’ll be able to find men of all ages, but this activity in particular attracts a large number of professional men in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. It’s very easy to socialize, so don’t be afraid to ask the man next to you for a tip or two!

3. Upscale Hotel Lounges

You can find successful men from both in and out of town at this type of venue. A great place to check out for after work or early evening drinks.

4. Crossfit

Crossfit is a particularly great place to meet new people because it encourages paring up,  team work and supporting each other as you workout.

5. The Dog Park

Cute dogs are man magnets. If you don’t already own a dog, volunteer to walk one at a local shelter or borrow a friends. And seriously, what’s more attractive than a man who loves his dog?

6. Networking Events and Mixers

Networking events are set up for connection and communication. If you find someone attractive there’s no reason that you can’t get a little flirty and let him know that you might be interested in more than just business.

7. Sporting Events

Baseball, football, soccer, hockey whatever happens to be your favorite, if you’re the type of lady that loves the hometeam this is a perfect way for you to meet your future teammate. And if he happens to be cheering for the opposition,  it’s the perfect opportunity for a little flirtatious rivalry.

8. Alumni Events / Reunions

You’ll have built in mutual connections and lots to talk about., and who knows you might even run into an old crush!

places-to-meet-men_over-309. Wine Tastings

Sip a  little vino with the sophisticated crowd, and maybe even learn a thing a two about your favorite variety while scoping out the other intriguing single guests.

10. Art Gallery Openings

Whether you’re an art lover already or just want to try something different art events are filled with lots of interesting, sociable guys.

11. Industry Meetings and Events

If you’re a professional Woman and belong to any professional associations or groups, attending a local meeting is a great way to connect to new men in your industry

12. Ski Resorts

There is a 4:1 ratio of men to women on the slopes. But even if you don’t ski or snowboard, there’s a lot of fun to be had hanging out in the lodge with a warm cup of hot chocolate or relaxing glass of wine.

13. Sailing Clubs

If you love an adventurous spirit look no further than the sailing club. Sign up for beginner lessons, and who knows you might be sailing into the sunset with your soulmate sooner than you think!

14. Running Groups

If you’re the type to usually run alone joining a running group is a nice alternative to getting in your regular workout while being introduced to a new crowd.

15. Volunteering

Want to make a difference in the world?

There’s no reason that you can’t contribute to the greater good and meet your match! Figure our what you’re passionate about and and set aside some regular time every month to create the change that you wish to see in the world.

16. Sports Bars

Any day of the week you’re going to find men here, but if you’re a fan of Sunday Funday and football then this is going to be a hot spot.

places-to-meet-men_over-4017. Charity Events and Fundraisers

Bring out your inner philanthropist and purchase a ticket to a local fundraiser or Gala, dress up and dance the night away.  With this atmosphere, romance can’t be far behind!

18. Weddings

Eat drink and be merry! With many couples getting married or even remarried later in life weddings are ripe with men in their 30s and 40s.

19. Social Media

More and more you hear about couples meeting on social media platforms, LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook etc. Get in the habit of commenting on photos and posts that capture your attention. And if you feel so inclined don’t be afraid to make the first move and connect with anyone you’re interested in

20. Church

If your faith is important to you, churches are one of the best ways to connect with a like minded guy. You already know that he shares your values, so you don’t have to worry about having to compromise any deal breakers. Most churches have singles groups and mixers, make sure that you turn up regularly to get an idea of the different people attending.

21. Coffee Shops

This could seem obvious, yet so many people don’t seem to be connecting in coffee shops as much as they could be. As mentioned before, be approachable. Close Instagram, take off your headphones and be open to conversation.

22. Book Stores

A guy who loves to read is a beautiful thing, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Ask what’s on his reading list or get his opinion on a book you’re considering buying.

23. Scotch Tastings

In this sophisticated setting you can easily strike up a conversation about the finer things in life and if you’re not already a scotch aficionado, learn something new.

24. Co-working Spaces

You’re an entrepreneur, he’s an entrepreneur, this could work! It might be time to get out of your sweatpants and the house and check out your local shared office space.

25. Co-ed Sports Leagues

Some ideas to get you started: softball, soccer, beach volleyball, bacci ball, check your local listings for more great ideas and register for anything that pops out for you.

26. Tennis Clubs

Much like sailing clubs you can find upscale, mature men on and off the courts. Work up a sweat, then head to the lounge area to mix and mingle.

Places To Meet High Quality Men27. Private Clubs

Maybe you’re already a member of one or have a friend that can invite you to an event?

28. Car / Boat Shows

Car shows attract men from all walks of life and particularly a mature man that appreciates quality.

29. Happy Hour

Happy hours in your local business district will be filled with professional men winding down at the end of the day with drink or two.

30. House Party

Ask a friend to throw a party or do it yourself, where each guest must bring a single friend. Lots of fun to be had here and its always nice to now that you can trust that the men attending have been vetted approved by someone you know.

31. Trivia Night

Many local pubs day have weekly trivia nights. With an upbeat atmosphere, expect camaraderie and a little friendly (maybe even flirty!) competition.

32. Endurance Sporting Events

Another sport based activity that you’ll find the number of men vastly out weighing the number of women.

Look for events like Triathlons, Marathons, Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, etc. Sign up and join a training group, you never know who you’ll meet while at practice or the event its self.

33. Meet Up Groups

If you haven’t tried meet up groups yet you can find everything under the sun from singles groups and mixers, hiking groups, running groups and lots of personal development and networking events.

One the keys to meeting your attractive and eligible single man in his 30’s or 40’s is going to be you enjoying yourself when your out and about.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, make life interesting, and you’ll be with your new man in no time!best-places-meet-meen-30s-40s-min

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