33 Meditation gift ideas for mindfulness. Your ultimate guide for the best unique meditation ideas for him or her.

Finding the perfect gift for the meditation lover in your life is simple when you use our gift guide. Whether you’re looking for a zen inspired gift for a friend or a family member (or perhaps even a treat for yourself) we have you covered. We’ve found the most unique and interesting meditation gift ideas sure to please and pamper that special someone who likes to meditate on your list.

Meditation Gift Ideas For Him Or Her (Under $25)

1. Chakra Healing Crystals For Balancing

If your loved one is into crystals, this beautifully put together mix of meditation essentials with crystals and healing stones may just be the perfect gift. The crystals have all been hand chosen for their soothing and relaxing properties. Ensuring that they’re the best possible choice for a restorative meditation practice.

These crystals and stones can be used for a chakra healing meditation. As well as for reiki or other spiritual practices. We also love that, this set includes two of our favorite cleansing tools. A selenite tower and smudge stick that to clear and prepare any meditation space.

Crystal Meditation Starter Kit – Check Price on Amazon

2. A Set Of Relaxing Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful addition to any meditation practice. This set comes with of 6 Essential Oil synergy blends that are 100% pure. Perfect for setting the tone for a meditation experience that is rejuvenating and relaxing.

Wonderfully versatile essential oils can be used in a diffuser to create a relaxing space. As well as, dabbed on pulse or chakra points or worn in aromatherapy jewelry.

PURE Essential Oil Blends Gift Set – Check Price on Amazon  

3. A Thoughtful Piece Of Jewelry To Ground

Anyone on the path to enlightenment will appreciate this beautiful handmade necklace depicting an Om symbol carved into a lotus flower. Wearing the Om symbol is excellent for grounding, while practicing yoga or a mindfulness meditation.

While the the lotus is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. It’s also a lovely reminder that every day is a new day. With each new day, a new opportunity to grow and stand beautifully above the muddy waters below.

Lotus Flower Om Necklace – Check Price on Amazon

4. A Book of Mini Meditations For Manifesting + Abundance

Dear Universe by Sarah Prout contains 100 mini-meditations designed to help you rise above fears, anxieties and worries. So you can easily create a life filled with abundance, health and wealth. Chock full of practical guidance, soulful exercises, and nuggets of wisdom, this book is an invitation for you to to achieve anything your heart desires.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Dear Universe by Sarah Prout – Check Price on Amazon

5. OM Sign Printed Scarf For Meditation & Yoga

Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in many eastern based religions (1). It signifies the essence of the oneness of existence. As well as, the ultimate reality of pure consciousness. Each time you put it on you are reminded to be mindful in and in the moment.  That we are one, and that everything in life is a balance, the past, present, and the future.

OM Sign Printed Scarf – Check Price on Amazon

6.  Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom by Rick Hanson

Is the meditator on your list is also into mindfulness, bio-hacking, positive psychology? Or maybe they would just like to understand how to be happier? Then the Buddha’s Brain by  Rick Hanson will make a wonderful gift!

Using neuroscience along with the ancient wisdom of mindfulness, this book teaches you how to shape your brain for greater happiness. Not to mention more love and wisdom too. Filled with guided meditation and mindfulness exercises it helps you learn how to active a greater sense of calm, joy and compassion. So you can create a deeper more meaningful life. A great meditation gift for him or her!

Here at Lovejoy + Wonder we absolutely love a good book! If you love giving meaningful books as gifts then check out our list of the best books for meditation (for all levels) here and the best books for spiritual growth here.

The Buddha’s Brain – Check Price on Amazon

7.  A Relaxing Candle to Set the Mood

Many meditatiors find that creating a sacred space is an ideal start to their meditation practice. Candles are a beautiful way to create an environment that is both calm and relaxed. This aromatherapy candle contains Ylang Ylang which is excellent for helping to ease a busy mind and relax the entire body (2). Made of 100% Soy Wax with a burning time of up to 65 hours, this lovely gift is sure to be appreciated.

La Jolíe Muse Ylang Ylang Candle – Check Price on Amazon

8. An Adorable Desktop Zen Garden

We absolutely love this modern little zen garden set from People Crystals. It makes a great gift for a friend, family member or even a work colleague that’s into meditation or mindfulness. This desk top garden comes with three healing stones, rose quartz, white quartz, and amethyst. And to complete its modern look? A sweet little air plant.

People Crystals Crystal Zen Garden – Check Price On Amazon

9.  A Fun Book For Mindfulness Meditation

Is the meditation lover on your list also the creative type? I Am Here Now, is fun book for anyone who would like to be more creative and present. Written by Alexandra Frey and Autumn Totton founders of The Mindfulness Project (3). This book has many enjoyable activities, creative meditations and inspiring projects for more mindful living.

I Am Here Now by The Mindfulness Project – Check Price on Amazon 

10. A Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp For A Warm Glow

The beautiful glow of this Himalayan Salt Lamp will add a warm, romantic touch to any meditation space.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Check Price On Amazon

11. Lava Rock 7 Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

This unisex Chakra bracelet makes a great meditation gift idea for him or her. This unique bracelet is made of black lava stone beads, that are strung with 7 colored stones. With each coloured stones chosen to correlate to the body’s chakra energy system.

Add a couple of drops to the lava rocks for a lasting aromatheraphy experience. Ideal for wearing during meditation to calm and ground.

Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet – Check Price on Amazon

12. Pure Frankincense Resin To Uplift The Spirit

Used by meditators for centuries, Frankincense helps to increase connection to the divine and the higher self. With an enchanting fragrance, this is the original resin style frankincense, that is cultivated from the Boswellia Sacra Tree. With a fragrance that is earthy and slightly sweet. It is often used in meditation to stabilize the root chakra and expand one’s aura.

Kyphishop Frankincense Resin – Check Price on Amazon 

13. A Book on The Art Of Living Wisely

Many meditators love gaining new insights and wisdom on how to live a more thoughtful and mindful life. The Daily Stoic is filled with meditations and powerful quotes, from  the wisdom of history’s greatest minds. From George Washington to Frederick the Great to Ralph Waldo Emerson (4), to modern mystics, CEO’s and a celebrity or two. This book will inspire you to gain new insights for yourself. Though daily reading, you are encouraged to follow the teachings to access the knowledge and resilience. So you can persevere through life’s challenges with total serenity.

The Daily Stoic – Check Price on Amazon

14. White Sage Smudge Spray for Cleansing and Clearing Energy

This is ideal if the person you are buying a gift for is sensitive to smoke from incense or sage smudging, but still wants an option for cleansing their space. This clearing spray is Infused with essential oils like (surprise) Sage, as well as Cedar for a delicate and earthy scent. It also contains quartz crystals, to enhance the cleansing and clearing properties. Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” helping to release limiting beliefs and call in positive intentions.

Juniper Mist White Sage Smudge Spray – Check Price on Amazon

15. Soothing Zen Inspired Bath Salts

You can meditate anywhere anytime, even in the bath. Give these beautiful high vibe bath salts to your loved one for an extra special calming treat. Pink Himalayan salt is soaked in rose essential oil and organic rose petals.  Then combined with epsom salts to melt away stress and anxiety. Lovely to give as a mindfulness mediation gift or a self care and wellness gift.

Farm aesthetics Rose Solar Salt Mineral Bath – Check Price on Amazon

Meditation Gift Ideas For Him or Her (Under $50)

16. Sacred Geometry For Positive Energy

From the pattern in a rose to a snowflake sacred geometry is all around us. The Sri Yantra is a mystical diagram of sacred geometric art, and symbolizes divine balance. Use for meditation as you contemplate its deeper meanings of existence and divinity. As well as, to bring more positive energy into your life. Amazing for a wall, hanging in a window, or displayed on an alter. Makes a unique gift idea for mindfulness meditation!

Fourth Level Sri Yantra – Check Price on Amazon 

17. Glass Tea Infuser For Those Sacred Moments

When you give this as a gift you’re helping to create moments of presence and connection. Embellished with sacred geometry this infuser is designed to help you live a more soulful, connected and aligned life. This double walled glass tea infuser bottle, is healthy for the environment and for your body. Used for loose leaf tea, infusions, cold or hot organic coffee, cocoa, or infused water.

Great for a sipping in a peaceful moment of mindfulness after a morning meditation

Sacred Lotus Love Glass Tea Infuser Bottle – Check Price on Amazon 

18. Rose Gold Rose Quartz Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Give the gift of aromatherapy with this unique three strand necklace. Each necklace has a magnet closure and comes with a set of 9 refill pad. Add a  few drops of essential oil to the pads and insert inside the necklace for a scent that lasts all day. We love that it’s fashionable as well as practical for meditation and mindfulness. 

AromaLuxe London Rose Gold Diffuser Necklace – Check Price on Amazon 

19. An Accupressure Meditation Pillow To Balance + Restore

Body Quiet has ingeniously combined the restorative powers of meditation and accupressure into a pillow (5). This meditation pillow comes with acupressure points on one side. The pressure points gently activate tense spots on the body, relaxing tense muscles and improving circulation.

If the acupressure start to feel too intense they can flip the cushion and use it as a traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion. The cushion itself is designed to help support optimum posture and stability by properly aligning the hips and spine. Resulting in a deeper, more fulfilling practice. Also great for meditators who are also yoga enthusiasts, as it doubles as a yoga bolster.

Body Quiet Acupressure Meditation Cushion – Price on Amazon

20. An Essential Oil Diffuser For Serenity

If the meditator on your list can’t get enough of essential oils, then a diffuser makes an amazing present. Your loved one will be able to combine different scents to get their desired mood just right. Great gift for him or her. For a list of essential oils that are best for meditation please read our article here.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser – Check Price on Amazon

21. Amethyst Crystal For High Vibe Connection

Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and powerful stones that you can meditate with. Amethyst helps to activate the third eye, clear the mind and connect to the divine through the crown chakra. Allowing one to reach a deep, peaceful state, faster and easier.

Deep Purple Project Amethyst – Check Price on Amazon

22. Mala Beads To Calm + Center

Mala beads are beautiful and practical. They’re ideal for practicing a chant or mantra meditation. As well as, for calming a busy mind, by giving it something to focus on. Mala beads are also a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn anytime, as a simple reminder to be calm and mindful. No matter where the day might take you.

Perfect for connecting the mind, body and soul during a soothing meditation session.

Mala Beads For Meditation by Light Love Bliss –  Check Price on Amazon

23. Meditation Bench For Posture & Alignment

This folding meditation bench is ideal to give to a meditator who struggles with sitting cross legged. Or for one who would like to have a more portable lightweight option for taking to meditation classes or travelling with.

This bench is designed for sitting in seiza pose. Which allows for better circulation and less strain on the lower back. Allowing for deeper breathing, and enhanced focus during a session. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo wood and comes with a convenient travel bag.

Mindful + Modern Folding Meditation Bench – Check Price on Amazon

24. A Tibetan Singing Bowl For Serenity

The meditator on your list will be mesmerized by the beautiful melodies from this traditional timetan single bowl. Handmade by Nepalese artisans these bowls are perfectly sized to create heavenly sounds to quiet the mind.

Many meditators love using the harmonizing sounds of the bowl to begin and end a meditation session. Ideal for chanting, sound healing, chakra meditation and mindfulness. Singing bowls are lovely to look at and help to complete any meditation space.

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set – Check Price on Amazon 

25. Buddha Art To Inspire Their Space

This peaceful Buddha printed on canvas will add a touch of zen to any space. Not only is it relaxing and beautiful to look at it. It’s a gentle daily reminder to slow down and take a moment of mindfulness throughout the day.

Buddha Wall Art – Check Price on Amazon

Best Gifts For Meditators (Under $100)

26. Headphones For Inner and Outer Focus

One of the things that meditators tend to grapple with, is outside noises and distractions. Even the slightest sounds can interrupt a meditation session. Noise Cancelling Headphone are an amazing gift. Also we consider this an essential item to help with meditation, if the person your buying for lives in a noisy area. Or, likes to meditate while travelling or during the day at work.

Headphones are great for blocking out sounds, for those who prefer traditional silent meditation. As well as, are perfect for playing guided meditations, or listening to relaxing meditation music.

Related – For full list of the best noise cancelling headphones under $100. You can read more about the benefits of meditating with headphones in our post here.

Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 – Check Price on Amazon

27. A Cozy Weighted Sherpa Blanket For Grounding

Not just for sleeping or cozying up with a good book. Putting a weighted blanket around yours shoulders while meditating can help you relax into a deeper meditation by helping you feel grounded and safe. It’s also great to give to anyone who likes to meditate while lying down. Feels so good you’re going to want one for yourself!

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Throw Blanket –  Check Price on Amazon

28. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl For Cleansing + Connection

Crystal singing bowls make an amazing gift! they’re also beautiful to look at and fun to use. Quartz singing bowls are tuned to emit sound frequencies that resonate with different chakras. For meditation in particular we like one designed for the crown chakra for connection to achieve a deeper meditation. You can also choose one for the heart chakra which is universally good. As well as the root chakra for anyone who wants to feel more grounded during their session.

Crystal Singing Bowl Crown Chakra – Check Price on Amazon

Unique Meditation Gift Ideas For Him or Here (Under $200)

29. A Tech Tool to Take Their Meditation to The Next Level

This is a very cool gadget from Muse, and we think that isn’t just for the tech inclined.  When you gift a Muse Headband, it’s like giving the gift of a  personal meditation assistant. Muse works by providing real-time neuro-feedback, which gently guides the user through their meditation practice.

It helps to calm a busy mind with its interesting weather feature.  For example if your mind is anxious you may hear a storm. Then as you begin to focus on the sounds of the storm, your mind begins to quiet. Then it slows down and plays sounds that are more gentle and soothing. Afterwards you can look at your data, set goals, review milestones and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that is constantly improving.

Muse Headband – Check Price on Amazon 

30. A Meditation Cushion Set To Support

A Zafu & Zabuton meditation cushion set is considered on of the most essential items to help with meditation. For this set in particular, we like that its a little different from most available. In that the Zafu comes in a unique crescent shape.  Which allows you sit with your legs and ankles tucked in closer to the body.  This creates better blood flow when sitting, so your feet won’t fall asleep. In turn allowing the meditator to maintain their sitting posture for longer periods of time.

Awaken Meditation Zafu & Zabuton Cushion Set  – Check Price on Amazon

31. Personal Meditation Altar for Sacred Moments

One of the keys to making meditation a lasting habit is creating a special space where you can contemplate, meditate and just be completely zen. Many meditators find that creating an alter with inspiring objects to be helpful with this.

Gifting this beautiful solid wood cherry alter from Earth Bench is a great choice. Made in the USA with all locally sourced non-toxic materials. This altar is designed to be used for to be used along with a kneeling stool or meditation pillow. A gift that’s sure to be appreciated for years to come.

Earth Bench Personal Altar – Check Price on Amazon 

32. Buddha Water Fountain For Peaceful Contemplation

Doe that special someone on your list enjoy meditating outside or a love of gardening? Then look know further for gift that is sure to appeal. This beautiful water fountain depicts Siddhartha sitting peacefully and meditating upon the blossoming of the lotus flower.  While a water gently flows and circulates around the bowl.

Zen Buddha Water Fountain – Check Price on Amazon

Meditation Gift Ideas For Her or Him (Over $200)

33. A Luxury Meditation Seat To Sit In Ultimate Comfort

If you are looking to spend a little more, then look no further than the Alexia Meditation Seat. With its unique, ergonomic design this meditation seat a little slice of heaven. Especially designed to support and protect the lower back, muscles, joints and bones. All of which can be adversely affected  by conventional chairs. The signature “S” shape is perfect for anyone who struggles with lower back pain.

The ergonomic design allows the meditator to sit longer in comfort. Resulting in a longer, deeper meditation experience. We love that it comes in a variety of finishes from fabric and leather as well as vegan options. It makes a unique addition to any meditation space, and sure to spark joy for the zen seeker on your list.

Alexia Meditation Seat – Check Price on Amazon

Best Gifts For Meditation Lovers

To give is to receive. So if you are buying a gift for him, her, friend or family, we hope that you have enjoyed this list of meditation gift ideas. Whatever you choose for someone who likes meditation,  know that your thoughtfulness in giving just the right gift is sure to be appreciated. 

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Meditation Gift Ideas and Mindfulness Gift Ideas Perfect for the meditation lover on your list.

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