No matter what your goals are in life, everyone can pretty much agree that in the end you just want to be happy. Only happiness isn’t a destination, it’s the journey itself. One that starts with your thoughts and the story you tell yourself everyday. This is where affirmations can help. If you want to take control of your life and feel happier, we’ve got you covered. Use these positive affirmations for happiness to change your mood and feel happier.


“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” – Buddha

Why Use Affirmations?

Whether you realize it or not, you already are using affirmations everyday. Only these affirmations are ruled by subconscious programming. Which is running in the background at such a deep level, that most people aren’t even aware of.

If you’re like many people, having negative thoughts or generally unhappy about your life, then you’re slipping into your subconscious programming. Which is causing you to perceive the world through a negative filter.  Rather than one that sees your life as a series of happy joyful moments.

Postive-affirmations-happiness-jooy-minKinda like the glass is half empty or half full. Viewing that life is either working out for you positively or not.

There are a few ways you can change this subconscious programming. One of most powerful and easily accessible ways is to use positive affirmations.

Which when used daily, can help to rewire your system and reprogram your brain. So you can live your life, more aligned with what you want to think, feel and attract.

Whether you want to feel healthier, attract your soulmate, money and abundance or feel happier and more positive about your life. You can do it by practicing daily affirmations.

In the case of happiness, with repeated use overtime they will help you to think more naturally positive thoughts. Able to see the brighter side of things with a overall increased positive outlook on your life.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that life is perfect! Just that on any given day or time you’re able to feel more happy and at peace. Life can still get messy but you’ll be able to perceive life’s ups and downs with more perspective and positivity.

Have your doubts about the power of affirmations? There have even been many studies which show that affirmations do work. With regular daily use, repeating them can help to shape behaviour, including decreasing negative influences and increasing positive ones.

If you want to feel happier and feel more positive about your life then saying daily affirmations is a great place to start. However there are certain steps that you should take in order for them to be most effective.

A Few Tips On How To Use Affirmations

  • Decide which thoughts and feelings you’d like to change and write them all down. When I work with clients I ask them to set an intention for awareness. Then as their day goes on to write their negative thoughts down in a book or the notes in their phone so they can get a good idea of exactly what is coming up for them.
  • Choose from the list below which affirmations you would like use to install your new beliefs or write your own. Just make sure they are in the present tense, and have the tone of what you do want to happen. Only use positive language.
  • Say your statements out loud daily as many times as you can or at least twice a day. Many people find that it helps to get into the routine of first thing in the morning and last thing at night before you go to sleep.
  • Write them on index cards or post-it notes and put them up all over the house as a reminder to help you anchor your new beliefs in.
  • Using or wearing crystals that are known to boost happiness and attract positive energy can also be very helpful. Read more about them here: The 10 best positive energy crystals for joy and happiness
  • A few minutes of meditation, mindful breathing or just getting quiet for a minute or 2 before you start in the mornings is a great way to set your intentions and begin your day on a positive note.
  • As you say your affirmations, call up a feeling of what you want. If it’s happiness think about what that feels like to you. Then feel it in your entire being, and let flow through your body.
  • Lock in your chosen feeling by holding it, as you repeat your affirmation over and over.
  • If you feel awkward that’s ok, it will feel more natural over time.
  • Use your affirmations daily, and whenever negative thoughts are triggered. A helpful tip I learned from Mel Robbins is the count down technique: When you feel triggered count backwards and say 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, it sounds simple but it helps to reset a spiraling brain. Then repeat your affirmation over and over.
  • Remember that affirmations are a practice. It takes daily consistency and time to change your thoughts and how you feel but it can be done!

47 Postive Affirmations for Happiness

1.  “I am so grateful now that I am a magnet for miracles, happiness and joy.”

2. “I am grateful, guided and excited. Everything I need to be happy flows through me now.”

3. “I give myself permission to thrive and the energy of happiness flows through me now.”

4. “I choose to be happy and grateful today.”

5. “I Have Everything I Need To Be Happy Right Now.”


6.  “My heart is always open and I radiate love and joy.”

7.  “Every day and in every way life gets, better and better.”

8.  “Today, I am allowing the energy of happiness to flow through me and fill me with joy.”

9.  “I am healthy, I am happy, I am strong.”

10. “I am easily creating the happy life I desire.”


11.  “I am open to receive happiness, light and love.”

12.  “I choose to see this with love, I let go and allow the universe to do her thing.”

13.  “I am willing to see the good in this situation, life is working for me now.”

14.  “Love is everywhere and I am worth loving.”

15.  “I am beautiful, bold and brave.”


16.  “I am surrounded by love and is well.”

17.  “Today I am willing to look for the good in my life.”

18. “Life supports me and new doors are opening for me all the time.”

19. “Today is full of miracles!”

20. “Every day in every way I am feeling happier and happier.”

21. “Today I choose to be happy and I deserve to be happy.”


22. “Everything is happening perfectly.”

23. “I am beginning to notice how happy and positive I am.”

24. “I am choosing to feel happy and positive energy follows me wherever I go.”

25. “Life is working for me, I am starting to feel happier, how can it get any better than this.”

26. “I am creating the life I desire with my good feelings.”


27. “I am supported by life, I let go and allow myself to be happy.”

28. “I am willing to accept myself with unconditional love.”

29. “I give myself permission to let go and be happy right now.”

30.  “I have all the happiness, love and positive energy I need to have the most amazing day.”

31. “Today I am allowing myself to feel the good that surrounds me and stay happy and positive throughout my day.”

32. “I am attracting more and more love, joy and happiness into my life every day.”

33. “Today I am grateful for my happiness and positive energy.”

34. “My natural state is love, I deserve to be happy.”


35.  “My life is filled with happiness, peace, and love.”

36.  “I am peaceful, happy, healthy, and free to be me.”

37.  “I am surrounded by peace, harmony and good energy.”

38.  “I deserve to feel happy and content.”

39.  “I am worthy of all the good life has to offer.”

40.  “I accept the good that is flowing into my life.”


41. “I am effortlessly attracting health, wealth, happiness, and love.”

42. “I am focused on enjoying life, and I find happiness everywhere I look.”

43. “I give myself permission to feel happy and content.”

44. “Everywhere I go, I attract happiness and joy.”

45. “I am open to receive love, kindness and happiness wherever I go.”

46. “It’s my time to shine! I’m ready to live the life of my dreams.”

47. “Happiness is my birthright, I am worthy of all the good life has to offer and accept it now”.

At the end of the day…

You are a powerful creator that can shape your life anyway you want. Using affirmations are a wonderful way to remind you that you are in charge of your destiny. That at any moment you can choose and take your life in any direction that you want.

Whenever the chaos sets in and you feel those negative thoughts come up, using an affirmation will be like hitting a mental reset button to live life on your terms. I hope that as you use these affirmations for happiness you experience a life full of harmony, love and most of all the deep sense of joy that you deserve.

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