17 things you can do to raise your vibration instantly and live an inspiring life!

Good Vibes Only, am I right? In an Ideal world we all want to experience those good vibes and feel deeply connected to the energy of love, joy, freedom and peace. However, this is not always the easiest thing to achieve or maintain. We are human after all. So when you’re low and it seems like nothing you do is working it can be discouraging. But not to worry, its possible to feel better and raise your vibration instantly and live a happier life, right now.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

how-to-raise-vibration-instantly-minWhat Is Your Vibration Anyway?

First it’s import to know that vibration isn’t set. It’s responsive and is always changing depending on your thoughts, words and emotions. Essentially everything is vibration. Me, you, the grass, that chair you’re sitting on.

It determines your emotional state as well as what you emit and what you receive, experience and attract into your life. Essentially you can think of this this way. With every choice, thought and feeling you’re always creating your reality by vibrating towards the higher levels of love or lower levels of fear.

Another import thing to note, is that experiencing changes in your vibration from low to high it is a normal part of life. Even though we want to feel good all the time, life can get messy.

Sometimes, it’s even totally okay to feel down, because that gives you an opportunity to look within and see what is coming up that needs to be healed.

Where problem’s can happen is if someone’s life experiences cause them to get stuck in the lower level vibrations of fear. Trapping you in a negative cycle, attracting even more negative experiences, people or events. Then leaving you there, feeling like life is just not working and with no idea how to actually how change it.

Signs Your Vibration Low

If your vibration is low you might be experiencing issues with your health, money flow, relationships or feeling sluggish heavy and unmotivated.

Things That Lower Your Vibration

You don’t have to take massive action to feel better fast. However when it comes to long term happiness, it’s important to take a look at the things in your life that are effecting you emotionally. Then take the steps needed to heal and eliminate them from your life.

Left unchecked the following will keep your vibration lowered over the long term:

  • Negative self talk (feeling unworthy)
  • Toxic Relationships / Unhealthy boundaries
  • Unhealed childhood trauma
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Lack of daily self care
  • Unhealthy diet / eating processed foods
  • Toxic home environment
  • Prolonged exposure to electronics/cell phones/computers/TV
  • Holding on to anger, guilt or resentment
  • Living in lack and that thinking that there will never be enough
  • Not being present: living in the past or worrying about the future
  • Excessive use of alcohol or drugs

Why You Should Totally Raise Your Vibration

Beyond the obvious of straight up feeling good. Learning how to shirt your vibration is actually one of the secrets to the law of attraction. What you send out in frequency and vibration, you get back.

When you shift your frequency and to start to tune into the higher energy of love you begin to attract new possibilities, and new opportunities in to your life. This helps with manifesting what you want faster, eventually creating a new reality for yourself.

Able to experience many happy events, improved relationships and opportunities that seem to just fall into your lap.

You’ll also be more tuned into your intuition, your life purpose and easily able to follow your heart.

How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly

The good news is because everything is energy, increasing your frequency fast can be much simpler than you might think.

With practice overtime it will start to become something you do organically and naturally.

raise-vibration-fast1. Feel Unconditional Love

Feeling unconditional love and the mind body connection, is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your vibration quickly.

We often think that this type of love only comes to us from others. However, you can actually give this type of love to yourself.

How to do this exercise:

1.  Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

3. Take your hands and put them over your heart center which is located in your Heart Chakra, in the middle of your chest

4. Think back to time when you felt really good happy, loved and safe. This can be a time from any point in your life or it could just be something you create right now with your imagination.

Anything that makes you smile and feel good from interactions with another person, a pet or a place.. For example imagining yourself relaxed on the beach with the sun warming your skin.

What’s most important is that you feel the feelings feel the love take it into your body.

4. As soon as you have your happy moments, make the feelings even stronger. Imagine them getting bigger, bolder, brighter.

Feel the love. feel the joy let it radiate into every cell in your body.

5. Hold this visualization for as long as you can or for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

6. When you’re ready to release express an affirmation of gratitude. You can make up your own, or use the one below.

“I am so happy and grateful now that I am connected and feel safe, happy and loved.”

Do this exercise anytime throughout the day to keep your frequency high.

2. Try A Sage Smudging Practice

Practice the ancient art of smudging by burning sage. Burning sage can immediately clear negative energy from you and your environment.

You will need:

  • One bundle of sage
  • Matches or a lighter
  • One fireproof container
  • Something to fan the smoke

To use:

1. Set an intention by stating what you want to come in a positive, affirming way. Using only the words that reflect what you want to happen, not what you don’t want. Your intention can be whatever you want, create your own or use the one below.

“I ask that the highest vibrations of love and light to come through and bring positive energy into my heart, my mind and my life in all ways.” 

2. Use matches to light the sage then blow out the flame. Set the bundle in a fire Proof container.

As the sage begins to burn and the smoke rises and smoulders, concentrate on the intention you set.

3. Use your fan or even a simple postcard to help fan the smoke coming out of the container into your energy Field.

Use rhythmic motions and upward circular motions. Moving back and forth in front of you all the way from your feet to your had then back down to your feet again. All the while saying your intention out loud.

4. When finished. Keep the sage in the fireproof container and then either distinguish extinguish the Sage or if you make sure you are watching it allow it to burn itself out.

raise your vibration fast

3. Choose A New Thought

Our vibration is a response to how we’re feeling. And our feelings is a response to what we are thinking.

Yes, negative things and difficult situations are going to arise your life. How you respond to them is your choice. Determining whether your energy and mood stays balanced, spirals down into negativity or up into positivity.

Learning How To Choose A Better Feeling Thought

1. Become aware – Awareness is the first step in of eliminating negative self talk and habits.

2. Observe – When something unexpected happens take a moment to stop and observe your response.

3. Re-frame – Make a conscious effort to re-frame the situation and choose the next most positive thought that you can.

For example, instead of thinking this isn’t going to work. Try replacing it with – What if this did work or what would it take for this to work?

Making choices towards more positive thoughts can raise your frequency immediately.

Re-framing also helps you to see that you aren’t stuck and that you always have the option to feel better available to you anytime you want.

4. Create A Positivity Playlist

Music is a mood booster and can instantly raise your vibration. Create a positivity play list of all your favorite music, chose anything that makes you want to sing dance and move.

5. Have Dance Party

Crank your new positivity playlist and have a dance party for one! Dancing has been shown to release endorphins that boost your mood and improve your over all happiness levels. (1)

6. Practice Instant Gratitude

Quick! State out loud at one thing you are grateful for in this moment. Gratitude is a great way to shift your focus and instantly feel happier.

7. Dab On Some Rose Essential Oil

Essential oils are excellent of getting your vibration up fast. Rose Essential Oil is considered to have the highest vibration. However if that doesn’t appeal to you, try lavender, sage, lemongrass, jasmine, frankincense, patchouli, myrrh or cedarwood.

8. Treat Yourself To Flowers

Pick up some fresh flowers for yourself. Flowers are an amazing and beautiful way to instantly lift your mood and get you into a high vibe state.

9. Consume High Vibe Content

Watch A Funny Youtube Video, movie or put on a Netflix comedy special. Read funny quotes, or an uplifting book. Or check out a funny or inspirational podcast. Anything that helps you shift your mindset to focus on something more positive in the moment, can help to raise your vibration.

Ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? Well it turns out that science now totally agrees.(2)

10. Put Down Your Phone

Put down your phone and unplug from social media and the never ending news that’s constantly demanding your attention. You’ll be surprised at how taking a mini tech detox can quickly raise your frequency. 


11. Go For A Nature Walk

Spending time outside, feeling the sun on your skin, breathing in the fresh air is good for the soul.

Practice being really present look up at the sky, breath in deeply notice the abundance of nature and beauty all around you.

12. Create Good Vibes List

1. Create a list of all the things that you enjoy doing and make you feel good. Try to get at least 30 items.

2. Take a look at your list everyday, and make sure you are doing MORE of the things that make you feel good on a daily basis.

3. Practice awareness and notice when you are feeling low.

4. Keep your list on hand and use it to shift yourself into a higher alignment and a more positive state of being.

As mentioned above it’s important you do MORE of the things that make you feel good and LESS of the things that make you feel bad. It might sound simple, but its amazing how easy it is to forget that we are the ones that are actually in charge of our happiness.

This practice falls into the category of daily self care.

The more connected and caring you are towards yourself, the more you will be in tune with the energy of joy, love and success.

The Most Powerful Way to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY


Daily Lifestyle Practices That Can Instantly Raise Your Vibration

13. Create A High Vibe Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets or vibe for the day. Everyone is different but this might include:

  • 15 minute Meditation
  • Writing in a gratitude journal
  • Exercise
  • Simple yoga stretches
  • Affirmations
  • Set your intention for the day with crystals
  • Listening to an inspiring podcast or video as you get ready
  • Eating clean
  • Nourishing your body high-quality foods. Eating less traditional dairy, meats and sugar and consuming more fresh organic vegetables dairy and meats.
  • Staying hydrated and drinking less alcohol and more filtered water with lemon.

how-to-raise-vibration-fast14. Fill Your Home With Positive Vibes

Make your home a relaxing oasis and create a toxic free environment full of joy and positive energy!

Some ideas to try are:

  • Bring nature inside with air purifying plants
  • Displaying fresh flowers
  • Clearing your clutter
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Place crystals that promote a positive energetic environment all around your home. Try selenite, amethyst and rose quartz
  • Use an aromatherapy diffuser and fill it with a high vibe essential oil mix
  • Play relaxing music
  • Create ambient light with soy candles

15. Create Positive High Vibe Relationships

The quality of your relationships can determine your long term happiness levels. Creating balanced relationships with healthy boundaries is an important step in keeping your vibes high.

Limit contact with toxic or negative people. I know that due to family or work we don’t always have a choice in the people that we encounter but you can limit your time with them. Or simply walk away from any situation that isn’t serving you.

Spend more time with people that are supportive, appreciative. and leave you feeling uplifted.

People that you can be yourself with.

Whenever you need a boost you can call on one of these friends to instantly shift your mood!

attracting love mantra16. Meditate

Outer peace, starts with inner peace.

Practicing mediation allows your energy system to balance and reboot itself. Getting you to a place that “cleans up” those negative vibes, leaving you in the energy of contentment and peace.

Meditating doesn’t have to be deeply transcendental or an hour long. it can be a simple as mindfulness. Breathing and letting the thoughts float by. You can start at 5 minutes and work your way up from there. Whatever feels good to you.

17. Unleash Your Creativity

How often do you create, play, laugh dance? Try doing something everyday that inspires you. The energy of fun and creativity and beauty is the energy of life, and a wonderful way to keep your energy levels high.

As you align with your highest vibration, you’re able to see and think more clearly.

Its easier live your truth, passions and your purpose.

When you’re living in a powerful state with more positive thoughts you attract more positive things into your life as well.

There will be ups and downs. But please remember that you are never stuck!  There is always a way for you to instantly raise your vibration and experience a happier, more inspired life.

How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly (These Work Fast)

1. Feel Unconditional Love
2. Try A Sage Smudging Practice
3. Choose A New Thought
4. Create A Positivity Playlist
5. Have Dance Party
6. Practice Instant Gratitude
7. Dab On Some Rose Essential Oil
8. Treat Yourself To Flowers
9. Consume High Vibe Content
10. Put Down Your Phone
11. Go For A Nature Walk
12. Create Good Vibes List
13. Create A High Vibe Morning Routine
14. Fill Your Home With Positive Vibes
15. Create Positive High Vibe Relationships
16. Meditate
17. Unleash Your Creativity

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How to raise your vibration instantly (works fast!)

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